The Plot

When his truck breaks down, standoffish drifter JONATHAN wanders into a backwater roadside tavern, where he runs into a quirky, jovial old roustabout – WRONGSIDE BOB – who’s betting all comers he can drink a cup of his own spit. As these two mismatched loners befriend each other, Wrongside offers to fix Jonathan’s truck… and nothing will ever be the same again.

When Wrongside’s old Viet Nam NCO SARGE wants Wrongside to store some stolen swag, Wrongside is reluctant – but Sarge holds some dark secret over him. Jonathan stands up for his new friend, though, and there’s a tussle – resulting in Wrongside dislocating his shoulder.

But here’s the weird thing: Jonathan knows how to fix Wrongside’s shoulder, and he doesn’t know how he knows – because he has amnesia. No idea who he was before waking up in a hospital last year. But he’s beginning to think he was a doctor, because these medical skills keep cropping up.

As Jonathan finds himself drawn to Wrongside’s old flame – bartender DINAH – one of his search engines reveals an army medic who deserted from Iraq fits his description. But before he leaves to find the man’s family, he exorcises Wrongside’s demons with a fire ceremony he learned from Dinah – and Wrongside, who generally makes a joke out of everything, is finally able to cry.

Unfortunately Sarge, angry over his beef with Jonathan, decides to get even by setting the bar on fire. Chaos ensues – some people are heroes, some cowards, some just leaves in the wind – as Sarge reaps his karmic rewards, while the Jonathan/Dinah/Wrongside triangle reaches a poignant conclusion. And in a climax both surprising and inevitable, Jonathan and Wrongside realize it’s not who youwere that’s important, it’s who you are